About Dr. Richard Allington

Dr. Richard L. Allington is a Professor of Education at the University of Tennessee. He was an elementary school classroom teacher and a Title I director in poor rural schools prior to beginning his career as a teacher educator and instructional researcher. His research interests include reading/learning disabilities and effective instruction, especially in classroom settings. His publications include over 100 articles, chapters, monographs, and books. He served or serves on the editorial advisory boards of Reading Research Quarterly, Review of Educational Research, Journal of Educational Psychology, Reading Teacher, Elementary School Journal, Journal of Literacy Research, and Remedial and Special Education.

Dr. Allington has served as president of the National Reading Conference and the International Reading Association. He received the William S. Gray Citation of Merit from IRA for his contributions to the organization and the profession. He was co-recipient (with Dr. Anne McGill-Franzen) of the Albert J. Harris Award for contributions to improving professional understanding of reading/learning disabilities and was elected to the Reading Hall of Fame.

Dr. Allington is author or co-author of several books including:
- Classrooms That Work: They Can All Read And Write (AllynBacon)
- Schools That Work: All Children Can Read And Write (AllynBacon)
- What Really Matters for Struggling Readers: Designing Research-based Programs (Allyn-Bacon)
- What Really Matters for Reading Fluency (AllynBacon)
- What Really Matters in Response to Intervention (AllynBacon)
- Learning to read: Lessons from Exemplary First-grade Classrooms (Guilford)
- Reading to learn: Lessons from Exemplary Fourth-grade Classrooms (Guilford).
- Big Brother and the National Reading Curriculum: How Ideology Trumped Evidence (Heinemann)
- No Quick Fix: The RTI edition (TeachersCollegePress)

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Something you probably didn't know about Dr. Allington:

This is an old photo of the one room school Dr. Allington attended. It was Pioneer Elementary School 10 miles outside of Cedar Springs, MI. This photo shows the "improved" building, with the bathroom and furnace room addition to the back. It had a wood stove and an outhouse when Dr. Allington began school.



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